Items Previously Displayed

These items have finished their public display and are awaiting formal adoption by the Council

  Proposed Kinsealy Village Local Area Plan 


Proposed Variation Lands at Ballymun


Proposed Variation Lands at Offington

Draft Donabate Local Area Plan

Proposed Part VIII Playground Facility at Band Stand Park Balbriggan

Proposed Part VIII Playlot Facility at Quay Street Park Balbriggan

Proposed Part VIII Skate Park Facility at Mill Pond Park Balbriggan

Proposed Part VIII  Forest Adventure Area & Multi-Use  Grassed Area Malahide

Draft Dublin Airport Masterplan


Extinguishment of Public Right of Way over Barberstown Lane and parts of Forrest Road, Forrest Little Road, Naul Road (R108), Dunbro Lane and Toberburr Road at Kingstown



Review of Protected Structures 2016

Public Notice Review of Record of Protected Structures May 2016 

List of Proposed Additions Deletions and Amendments

Dev Plan Motions and Submissions Report 

Proposed Additions Table

Proposed Additions Bridges ‌ ‌

Proposed Additions Harbours 

Proposed Additions Milestones 

Proposed Additions Weirs 

Balbriggan Swords Proposed Additions

Malahide Howth Proposed Additions

Castleknock Mulhuddart Proposed Additions

Proposed Amendments Report and Maps

Proposed Deletions Table  

Proposed Deletions Building or Structure

Proposed Deletions Sites 1 to 49

Proposed Deletions Sites 50 to 99 ‌   

Proposed Deletions Sites 100 to 149  

Proposed Deletions Sites 150 to 199   

Proposed Deletions 200 to 249

Proposed Deletions 250 to 299

Proposed Deletions 300 to 349 

Proposed Deletions 350 to 399 

Proposed Deletions 400 to 449 ‌  

Proposed Deletions 450 to 499  

Proposed Deletions 500 to 549   

Proposed Deletions Sites 550 to 599

Proposed Deletions sites 600 to 649   

Proposed Deletions Sites 650 to 699 

Proposed Deletions Sites 700 to 749 

Proposed Rivermeade Local Area Plan 

Proposed Part VIII Snugborough Interchange Upgrade

Proposed Part VIII Mayne Road/Hole in The Wall Junction Upgrade