'Whittled Away - Ireland's Vanishing Nature' : a talk with Pádraic Fogarty

Thu, 23 Aug 2018 18:30:00 +0100

'Whittled Away - Ireland's Vanishing Nature' : A Talk With Pádraic Fogarty

Malahide Library

Author and ecologist Pádraic Fogarty will give a talk based on his new book ‘Whittled Away - Ireland’s Vanishing Nature’ This urgent call for intervention to prevent the loss of our natural heritage is taken from a government report published in June 1969. Since then, nature in Ireland has continued to disappear at an alarming rate. Overfishing, industrial-scale farming and pollution have decimated wildlife habitats and populations. In a single lifetime, vast shoals of herring, rivers bursting with salmon, and bogs alive with flocks of curlew and geese have all become folk memories. Coastal and rural communities are struggling to survive; the foundations of our tourism and agricultural sectors are being undermined. The lack of political engagement frequently sees the state in the European Court of Justice for breaches of environmental law. Pádraic Fogarty authoritatively charts how this grim failure to manage our natural resources has impoverished our country. But all is not lost: he also reveals the possibilities for the future, describing how we can fill our seas with fish, farm in tune with nature, and create forests that benefit both people and wildlife. He calls for the return of long-lost species like wild boar, cranes and wolves, showing how nature and wildlife can recover hand in hand. See https://www.collinspress.ie/whittled-away.html