Mindful eating, listening and speaking talk

Mon, 13 May 2019 18:30:00 +0100

Mindful Eating, Listening And Speaking Talk

Swords Library

Mindful Eating Have you ever come home after a long day and heard a little voice at the back of your mind that convinced you to ditch your healthy, prepped dinner for a bag of take away chips? Mindful Eating helps you to learn ways to accept our impulsive, irrational and emotional side by practising some exercises. A Mindful Eating habit has been shown to be significantly more effective than just giving out diet and exercise information. Mindful Listening In today’s modern world, many of us listen to respond. Mindful Listening practise allows us to be present throughout the conversation and allows us to feel connected to the person we are listening to. We learn to drown out the internal and external distractions which allows us to be more focused on what is being communicated. This type of listening builds positive relationships in many areas of our lives. Mindful Speaking Have you ever had the experience of saying something that you later regretted? Or have you ever posted something on social media that you wish you hadn’t have? We have all been there! Learn techniques that will help you practise being a Mindful Speaker. Every time we speak, whether it is to an audience of one or many, we have an opportunity to tune in to how our speech sounds, and how our presence in general is. We can also look for cues on how we are being received. Mindful speaking is a skill that you can perfect over time and you will become a confident, calm and mindful speaker while reducing communication anxiety and awkwardness. Contact Swords library on 8905894 / 5582 to book a place.

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