Missing and Stray Dogs and Rehoming

Find more information on what to do if your dog goes missing, if you spot a stray dog, or if you need to rehome a dog below.

What to do if your dog goes missing

Ring the Gardaí and report the dog missing. Contact your local pound and the pounds in the surrounding areas as soon as your dog goes missing – details on their website at www.irishanimals.ie. Fingal County Council are contracted with Ashton Dog Pound and they can be contacted by telephone (01) 838 3236.

Stray Dogs

The Fingal dog wardens and the pound service are operated for us by Ashton Dog Pound. Stray dogs will be taken by the dog warden to the dog pound where they will be kept for 5 days. If you want to reclaim your dog, you will have to pay the pound a reclaim fee of €20, plus a charge of €8 bed and board for each night your dog stays in the Pound. If you do not have a current dog licence you will have to buy one at a cost of €20. If you don't keep your dog under effectual control you can get a €100 on-the-spot fine and if you don't pay the fine you can be prosecuted and receive a fine of up to €1,270 and / or 3 months imprisonment.

Unwanted Dogs and Rehoming

You can bring an unwanted dog to Ashton Pound. The following surrender fees will apply: €40 if the dog is brought up to the pound or €50 if the dog has to be collected. You can get a dog, which is suitable for rehoming, from Ashton Pound for a small charge. 

Contact Ashton Dog Pound

Location:  Ashton Pound,(Near Halfway House Pub, Navan Road)
                 River Road,
                 Dublin 15

By Telephone:  (01) 838 3236 or (01) 868 3038