Burial grounds

We manage and maintain 36 burial grounds in Fingal. View interactive map of burial grounds.
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Visiting Times

All our burial grounds have 24 hour pedestrian access, so you can visit anytime.

If you have a vehicle displaying a EU Disabled Persons Parking Badge, you can access burial grounds during opening hours (8:30am – 12.30pm, Monday to Friday). If you are a reduced mobility driver or passenger but don’t have a Disabled Persons Parking Badge, we can give you access on request. Access for people with reduced mobility may be restricted in exceptional circumstances.

How much does it cost?

A grave space without foundation for a headstone costs €1,400.

A grave space with foundation for a headstone costs €1,900 - except in Flemington burial ground, where the cost is subject to 13.5% VAT, bringing the total to €2,156.50.

You must have a headstone permit to put a headstone on a burial plot. The person who is making the headstone must apply for a permit on your behalf. The permit costs €246.

Application for Erection of Headstone (27582 C)

Application & Guidelines for Headstone Flemington (27852 B)

Headstone Application Guidelines for Balgriffin Extension (27582 X)

Burying ashes

 Ashes can be buried in:

  • cremation chambers (St. Fintan’s, Fingal and Flemington burial grounds only)
  • a new burial ground plot
  • an existing plot

You must contact us before burying ashes.

How much does it cost?

A cremation plot at Fingal and St. Fintan’s costs €624.25.
Charges for the Columbarium Wall/Ashes Niches in Flemington Burial Ground are as follows;



Charge with VAT element

Columbarium Wall / Ashes Niches

Type A (1 large urn or 2 small urns)

Type B (1 large urn or 4 small urns)

Type C (1 large urn or 8 small urns)


€1,000 + 13.5% = €1,135.00

€1,800 + 13.5% = €2,043.00

€2,500 + 13.5% = €2,837.50

Burying ashes in an existing grave costs €338.25.

Transfer of ownership

You can transfer the ownership of a plot to an immediate family member, with consent. Or you can sell the plot to us, Fingal County Council. You cannot sell a plot to anyone else. The cost of transferring ownership is €307.50.

ApplicationGuidelines forTransfer of Ownership Grave Space (27582 H)

Test Digs

If you’re unsure of the number of burials in a plot you own, you can apply for a test dig, which we will carry out. We will tell you the results and if any further burials can take place in the plot. The cost of a test dig is €676.50.
Test Dig Application Form and Guidelines


An exhumation will take place only in extreme circumstances, such as:

  • family reasons
  • public health reasons
  • court orders as part of a criminal investigation

Due respect is given to the deceased person and other buried remains in the burial ground. The privacy of the deceased person, family and friends is protected. The cost for exhumation is €922.50. Exhumations by court order are not charged.

Application for Exhumation Licence (27582 D)


Buying a burial plot

You can buy a single burial plot only after death of a person. A single plot can generally accommodate up to 3 burials. You can’t buy a plot before someone dies and you can’t buy more than one.

 The following burial grounds are in use and plots are available to buy:

  • Ardla
  • Baldungan
  • Balgriffin
  • Ballyboughal
  • Ballymadun
  • Balrothery
  • Balscadden
  • Donabate
  • Fingal
  • Flemington
  • Garristown
  • Hollywood
  • Mulhuddart
  • Rolestown
  • St. Fintan's
  • The Grallagh
  • The Naul
  • Westpalstown
  • Whitestown

 The following burial grounds are full and there are no plots available to buy:

  • Balbriggan
  • Chapelmidway
  • Holmpatrick
  • Kenure
  • Kilbarrack
  • Kileek
  • Killossary
  • Kinsealy (St. Nicholas)
  • Malahide
  • Old Abbey (Howth)
  • Old Portmarnock
  • Palmerstown (Oldtown)
  • Portrane
  • St. Mobhi
  • St. Margarets
  • The Tower (Lusk)
  • The Ward (Dublin 15)

Contact  Details

St. Fintan’s Cemetery: (01) 839 3877
Fingal and Balgriffin Cemetery: 086 4183787
All other cemeteries: (01) 870 4449
Email: HowMalOpArea@fingal.ie