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‌Fingal County Council Allotment Schemes

Fingal County Council manages approximately 900 allotments at four different sites throughout the County.  Three of our sites are located in the North County at Turvey in Donabate, Skerries and Balbriggan. The fourth site is located at Powerstown, close to Mulhuddart in the Dublin 15 area.

There are three different plot sizes available to rent: 50sqm, 100sqm and 200sqm (the 200sqm plots are only available at our Balbriggan and Turvey sites).  This means that there is an allotment plot to suit all levels of interest, experience and time commitment.

Currently there are very active Allotment Committees operating at our allotment sites.  These committees represent and promote the interests of the plot holders.  All of our plot holders are required to become members of their Allotment Association.  The annual cost of joining is €10.  This single €10 fee applies regardless of the number of plots rented by an individual.  Fingal County Council works very closely with the Allotment Committees in dealing with any issues that may arise.

In 2016 we worked closely with all of our Allotment Committees. We were able to provide a new access gate at the entrance to our site at Skerries to improve security and we installed a purpose built bee keeping area at our site in Powerstown. We continue to supply material such as mulch, compost, chipped bark and stone to all of your sites for use by all plot holders.

In 2017 we again plan to work very closely with the Allotment Committees to deliver improvements to all sites which will mean increased benefits and enjoyment experienced by all plot holders.


Are you an existing plot holder?  Are you interested in renewing your plot for 2017?

The renewal period for 2017 will be from Monday 2nd January to Tuesday 31st January 2017.  

 1. Complete the AL2- Allotment Renewal Form‌ 2017

 2. Complete the blank Licence Agreement with your Name, Address, allotment scheme name, and plot number.  Please remember to sign and date the Agreement, and to have it witnessed by another person.

 3. Telephone our Cash Office at either (01) 890 5309 or (01) 890 5376 and make the relevant payment for the plot plus the €10 Allotment Association Fee

 4. Send the completed forms along with proof of payment to Fingal County Council, Operations Department (Allotments), Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 before the closing date. 


Not an existing plot holder?  Are you interested in a plot at one of our Allotment sites for 2017?

Applications for plots at one of our 4 Allotment Sites are done on a bi-annual basis. Our Early-Season lettings for 2017 will run from Monday 2nd January to Tuesday 31st January and our Mid-Season lettings for 2017 will run from Thursday 1st June to Friday 30th June.  

1. Complete the AL1 - Allotment Application Form

2. Send the completed form to Fingal County Council, Operations Department (Allotments), Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 before the closing date.

We will be in contact with all new applicants once the relevant letting period has closed.

Please be aware that new applications will only be considered during the early season and mid-season letting periods each year. Fingal County Council no longer operates a Waiting List system for allotment plots. Plots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  


2017 Licence Year and Applicable Fees



Licence Year





Balbriggan 01 Feb - 31 Dec €50 €100 €200 €10
Powerstown 01 Feb - 31 Dec €50 €100 N/A €10
Skerries 01 Feb - 31 Dec  €50 €100 N/A €10
Turvey 01 Feb - 31 Dec €50 €100 €200 €10

Please note that the €10 Allotment Association Fee is charged in addition to plot fees outlined in the table above.

Renewal or Application Forms / Information

Allotments Schedule of Conditions  
AL1 - Allotment Application Form 2017 
AL2 - Allotment Renewal Form 2017 
Allotment Agreement 2017 
Fingal Allotments Strategy 2012 

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