Permits, Licences and Certificates

The following is a list of Road Permits/Licences/Certificates which are available from Fingal County Council, Operations Department, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

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Abnormal Loads Permits (27852 S)


Road Opening Licence

You need a Road Opening Licence to open the public road, footpath or grass verge for:

  • Water/Sewer Connections
  • Lowering of Footpaths
  • Footpath reconstruction
  • Pipelaying etc.

Telephone (01) 8905829 or email


Communication/Wayleave Licences

To lay electrical cables for communication/energy lines you need to get a Communications/Wayleave Licence.

Telephone (01) 8905000 or email


Hoarding Licence

You must get a Hoarding Licence to place temporary items (e.g. a fence or scaffolding) on a public footpath/road.
Telephone (01) 8906260 or email


Street Furniture

You need a Street Furniture Licence  to place tables & chairs outside a premises where food is sold.  You can discuss this with the Engineer for the area in question before you submit an application. (See form for more details).

Telephone (01) 8905000 or Email:


Advertisment/Tourist Signage

You need a licence to place an advertising or tourist accommodation sign on a public road.  The fee is €50 per annum per sign.  For more information please see the Policy on Advertisement Structures on Public Roads – 2008 and the Application Form for Advertising/Tourist Accommodation Signage

Telephone (01) 8905000 or email


Abnormal Loads

A vehicle/load is considered abnormal when the total length of the vehicle exceeds 16.5m, the overall width exceeds 2.55m the weight of any axle other than the driving axle exceeds 10,170kg and the weight of the driving axle exceeds 10,500kgs.
You must notify The Commissioner of An Garda Siochana four days before submitting an application.

Telephone (01) 8904451 or email


Special Permit

Special Permits must be obtained to permit the use of certain vehicles on public roads maintained by us.

Telephone (01) 8905000 or Email:


Taking In Charge

A Taking in Charge Certificate tells you if your road/services are/are not in charge.  Certificates are available from Fingal County Council, Operations Department, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Cost of Certificate is €90.
If the property is in a rural area, a location map is also required.

Telephone (01) 8905886 or (01) 8905887 or email