Fingal Local Community Development Committee

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Co-ordinating and implementing local economic, social and community development


What Does The Local Community Development Committee Do?

Putting People First sets out reforms to local government to provide it with a more central role in local economic, social and community development. The Local Government Act 2014 gave legeslative effect to these commitments, including the establishment of Local Enterprise Offices and the Local Community Development Committee Guidelines 2016

LCDCs have a number of statutory functions amongst which are:

1.(a) To be responsible for national funding programmes at a local level. in 2015 - 2017 the implementation of the Social Inclusion Community and Activation Programme (SICAP) will support local strategies for communities and individuals. It will identify and address social inclusion issues, promote access to lifelong learning, employment and social enterprise.

2016 SICAP Achievments

SICAP Programme Implementer Newsletter Spring 2016

SICAP Programme Implementer Newsletter Autumn 2015

SICAP Short Animation Video

SICAP Programme Implementer - Blanchardstown Area Partnership

 1. (b) Facilitiate the LEADER element of Rural Development Programme (2015-2020) to support sustainable economic development projects for rural communities ranging from tourism, agri-food and other business activities.

LEADER additional information and DECLG Presentations 

2. Improve the co-ordination of public-funded local and community development programmes and reduce duplication.

3. The preparation and implementation of the community element and review of economic elements of‌

Fingal Local Economic & Community Plan - Further Information

Who is the Local Community Development Committee?

The 19 member LCDC has broad representation from public and private interests including business, local development, education, enterprise, agriculture, voluntary and local authority members.  

LCDC Information Leaflet 2016
LCDC Members Profiles 2017
LCDC Membership by Category 2017
LCDC Meetings 2016
LCDC Meetings 2015
LCDC Meetings 2014
LCDC Annual Report 2015 
LCDC Annual Report 2014
LCDC Members E Bulletins 
Department of Environment, Community and Local Government - LCDCs

The Fingal Public Participation Network was introduced following the enactment of the Local Government Act 2014.  PPNs are collectives of environmental, social inclusion and voluntary organisations.  Representatives are nominated to participate in and inform Local Authority decision making structures, the Fingal Local Community Development Committee has five PPN nominees.  


Helen Johnston, National Economic and Social Council,  People and Places Weaving Together Policies for Social Inclusion in Ireland
‌Breffni O'Rourke, Fingal LCDC Chief Officer, Approaches & Challenges,  DECLG Regional Meeting July 2015
Fiona Moylette, Principal Officer, Rural Development Programme, DECLG, Ireland 2014-2020 LEADER: Local Development Strategy, July 2015
Dr. Seán Ó'Riordáin, Director Public Policy Advisors Network,  Reform Local Development, Community and Economic Development May 2014

Press Releases

23rd September 2015 - SICAP officially launched today by Minister Kelly at National Ploughing Championships

24th March 2015 - New Programme of Supports for Communities Across Fingal 


SICAP Programme Implementer Newsletter Spring 2016 

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Breffni ORourke, Economic Enterprise and Tourism Development, Chief Officer, Fingal LCDC.
By telephone: (01) 890 5083 or 087 798 5125
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